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Ask Mr. Tight-Watt: LED recessed lighting in a home remodel  Smart Choices Archive

Ask Mr. Tight-Watt: LED recessed lighting in a home remodel

Working to install new energy-efficient can lighting as part of a remodeling project.

Ask Mr. Tight-Watt

Mr. Tight-Watt has been busy this month, getting answers to another reader question.

Question: We are doing a home remodel, putting in geothermal and going all electric. My question concerns the can lighting that will be installed: What are the benefits of LED cans over the standards can lights, and are there any rebate programs we should be aware of?  —Connie, a Smart Choices reader

Mr. Tight-Watt asked Jim Sayers, Energy Services Director, Corn Belt Power Cooperative, to answer Connie’s question.

Answer: Connie, first, congratulations on your home remodel. It sounds like you are very focused on energy efficiency, and that will benefit you for years to come.

In researching an answer to your question about LED can lights, I ended up on this site.

One of the page links take you to this very informative Department of Energy (DOE) publication.

The article mentions LED advantages in lighting efficacy (lumens per watt – higher is better) and also discusses advantages of LEDs in terms of its directional lighting capabilities (light gets directed to where you want it rather than getting lost up in the fixture/luminaire).

But a key word is variability of what is currently available out there. For that reason I would suggest buying something you think will work as a test before buying a large number of any fixture or LED bulb. But I think for can lighting, you are on the right track considering LEDS.

Finally, about rebates: all RECs in the Corn Belt Power Cooperatives service area have rebates for LEDs on a per bulb or per fixture basis. Contact your electric cooperative for details.

Cooperative members also have the option to purchase LED lights at a discount through their REC. Check out Energy Savers.

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