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Insulation advice

Energy Efficiency: Insulation

Adding insulation can be one of the best ways to save energy and heating and cooling costs in your home, but consumers often receive conflicting advice on how and where to install attic insulation to provide the best thermal value while avoiding moisture problems.

Insulating your attic may be a priority this year if you are tackling re-roofing or doing other work on your home or if you had water damage due to ice dams last winter. If so, check out advice from Ted-san Inoue, who writes the “Ted’s Energy Tips” blog. Read Ted’s bio.

Ted has posted a series of blogs on his site that may be helpful to you in determining how best to approach insulating your attic:

1. What’s the Best Way to Insulate Your Attic? Or How I Learned to Think Like a Child.
2. The Best Way to Insulate Your Attic (part 2)
3. Ultimate Attic Insulation 

In addition, review previous Smart Choices articles and Energy Casts about insulating your home:

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