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Ask Mr. Tight-Watt: Insulation  Smart Choices Archive

Ask Mr. Tight-Watt: Insulation

Mr. Tight Watt checks his attic insulation.

Ask Mr. Tight-Watt

A reader sent the following question to Mr. Tight Watt:

“I have been advised to put ‘green’ foam insulation under the roof of the attic rather than on top of the one-story ceiling. Others say I will run into various problems if I do that. What am I to do?

Answer: Mr. Tight Watt contacted Bill McAnally, energy efficient home building expert in Fort Dodge. Bill replies:

“I assume that by “green” foam the reader means green rigid foam insulation. Either method of insulating—under the roof or above the ceiling—works fine. The only thing to keep in mind is that if you place rigid foam above the ceiling, you won’t be able to walk on it and in your attic space. If that is a concern, install it right under the roof. Also be sure that you remember careful installation is the key to good performance. Be sure to cut and fit the pieces as tightly as possible and to tape all the seams with Tyvek tape or 3M sheathing tape.”

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