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Got a question about energy efficiency?  

Ask Mr. Tight-Watt

Hi. I am Mr. Tight-Watt. Do you have a question about energy efficiency? If you do, please write it in the space provided above. What I'll do  is research the answer and include information from people's questions in my future energy efficiency tips. Thank you!

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Ask Mr. Tight-Watt - Lighting

LED bulbs in an enclosed globe fixture

CFL replacement sizes

CFL bulbs and dimmer switches

Turning off CFLs - will this save energy?

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Photo Cells and CFLs

Replacing an old lamp fixture

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Incandescent light bulbs

CFL disposal and mercury

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3 Lighting Answers

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More Lighting Questions

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Bulb Wattages

CFL Bulb Life

Different Lights, Same Circuit?

Light Bulb Standards

LED recessed lighting in a home remodel

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